Photography Created for Those with Autism

by: Tera Girardin on

The "Faces of Autism" book has been out since April and it's been so well received. One of the comments I hear is "Will you do another book? And how can my child be a part of it?"  My answer to the first question is, "I don't know! This book is so new I'm still trying to see straight!" But the second question got me pondering. 

My purpose in life is to reveal beauty. And I happen to be lucky enough to really "get" children, especially those with special needs. So I love love love being able to reveal their beauty through my camera lens. 

To be photographed goes beyond the images created. It's an experience of being seen, heard, and validated. Oftentimes that is something a person with autism doesn't often experience. I want to change that! I want every child with autism to feel that way. To feel like a superstar of their own photo shoot! 

Thus the Faces of Autism Portrait Experience is born. This is a way to have the same experience the children in the book had. A portrait session where the child is the star. And it includes some awesome tangible products to treasure and share including a 12x12 framed print that has your child's photo, the "one word" to describe your child and my heartfelt narrative of who your child is and why I admire them. 

This is what one mom wrote after receiving her portrait package:  

"You are an amazingly gifted photographer. Besides your superior technical skills, your people skills truly set you apart. Your kind, gentle energy helped us relax and enjoy ourselves, and you caught some candid, special moments. We are also so grateful for your respectful and genuine connection with Amanda."

So my answer to that original question is I'm not working on another book at this time, but you can have that same experience for your child right now!  Learn more about the Faces of Autism Portrait Experience and book your session. 

- Tera

Mom & Me Special Edition Sessions

by: Tera Girardin on

Hey you! Yes, you - the mom with one child on your hip and packing the lunch for another. Maybe you even have a little bit of sticky syrup in your hair from breakfast and you haven't found time for that every elusive shower just yet. Or are you the frazzled mom who had to race everyone out the door to get to work on time and you barely remember what your children are wearing to school today. You're an awesome mom but not always Pinterest perfect. Which is ok because you've got the best kids! But I bet you are rarely in the photo with your kiddos and if you are it's a quickly shot selfie with your phone. So how about we remedy that?  Let's take a moment with freshly washed faces, to celebrate that bond you have with your amazing children. You'll walk away with beautiful professional photos of your special relationship. This special edition session always proves to be popular! And just in time for Mother's Day. (So drop a major hint to anyone needing a present idea that THIS is what you really want this year!) Sunday, May 4 from 10-1 by appointment at the natural light studio in Burnsville Black and white images only! This is for two reasons. I find black and white lends itself well to focus on the relationship and interaction of the moment. AND it saves you from having to think too much about coordinating outfits. I want you to come and play with your kids! 2014 Mom & Me Minis Contact me to set up your appointment! [contact-form][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Tell me about your kids' type='textarea' required='1'/][/contact-form]