Getting Real! Faces of Autism

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Faces of Autism Update

Things just got really real for the Faces of Autism, Stories of Hope book! It's getting closer to being birthed. 

And like all births, there is an incubation period. It's not a quick process but things are progressing along. First of all, I've met and will be signing a contract with a local publishing company, Wise Ink. They help purpose-driven authors launch their books -- this is a hybrid method between traditional publishing and self-publishing. It's going to be a good option for me as I'll get assistance with the planning, marketing, design, editing, and launching of my book. But that also means some serious dollars. It'll be well worth it as I want to do it right but it's been a bit daunting if I'm honest.

Which brings me to Highlight It Up Blue for Autism Awareness -- some of you are aware of this autism awareness event I've held at my photography studio the last 5 years. For a small donation, people get blue hair extensions and a Facebook photo to show their support for the autism community. It's a great event and we've been fortunate enough to contribute funds to local organizations that help our autism community. 

This year, the other two organizers surprised me by insisting the money raised go towards the funding of my Faces of Autism book. I was delightfully surprised and honored. And extremely grateful because it will give me the seed money to hire Wise Ink and begin the process. Yay!

I want to be transparent with this whole process with you so you can share in the excitement. I want to share the VERY rough timeline for the project is looking something like this. Don't hold me to this! But the plan is to launch the book in one year. Whoo-hoo!!

April -- complete work on all images and hire Wise Ink
Spring - Fall -- content, copy, flow, beginning design work, editing
Late Fall / Holiday -- pre-order and crowd-funding campaign launched

February -- book is finalized and off to print
April 2, 2017 -- World Autism Day and Book Launch Party!

You all have been such a big part of this project and I feel it's been less my project more that I'm a conduit to making this book happen. There are ways you can help and I will be needing help to make this all happen. Share the page, share the journey, share these amazing children!

Thank you for being a part of this journey!
Love - Tera
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What is Highlight It Blue for Autism Awareness?

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This Sunday, March 30, 2014 from 1-4 p.m. I'll be at my studio with a bunch of other autism families and having blue hair extensions put in my hair. A little kooky right?  All part of the third annual Highlight It Blue for Autism Awareness! Volunteer stylists from Salon Onyx will give you a couple of blue highlights for a small donation ($15 for 2 for $20). After you have your hair done, you'll get your photo taken by ME :) which goes up on Facebook so you can use it as your profile photo. AND on your way out the door, you'll get a very cool cinch sack bag to take with you chock full of info and goodies from our supporting sponsors. First 200 people get the swag! ALL profits will benefit Can Do Canines who train and provide autism assist dogs. This is a local charity and the dogs are free of charge to the families they benefit. So fundraising is key for them. It's a treat to partner with them this year. Why do this? To show your support, acceptance and love for those dealing with autism. April is Autism Awareness Month and it's our way of supporting and honoring those who live with the challenges of autism. And to let families know they aren't alone in their journey.  It's such a cool event. I hope you can come. autism event-63 WEB autism event-36 WEBautism event-105 WEBIMG_7470 WEB HLB_poster_14   IMG_4789 5x7 WEB

A Boy & His Dog | Autism Friendly Photographer

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I'm so excited to feature this session today. You see, this is a budding relationship. And this dog is special. He's been trained to help this sweet faced boy with some of the challenges he faces with autism. He's a calming presence, a watch dog to prevent him from bolting away and a buddy - a friend. The dog, was trained and provide to the family by Can Do Canines. I'm proud to announce they will be the charity of choice our Highlight It Blue for Autism Awareness event will benefit this year. I highly encourage you to check out both links. Oh and this dog… he was a shelter dog. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship! IMG_4635 5x7 WEBIMG_4647 5x7 bw WEBIMG_4666 5x7 WEBIMG_4735 5x7 WEBIMG_4755 5x7 bw WEBIMG_4763 5x7 bw WEBIMG_4764 5x7 bw WEBIMG_4779 5x7 bw WEBIMG_4780 5x7 WEBIMG_4789 5x7 WEB