Why a selfie isn't the best

by: Tera Girardin on

If you are a small business owner or work for a large corporation, you likely have an online presence these days. And more than just your personal Facebook page. I'm talking social media and websites where you are professionally represented. What photo do you have attached to these sites? Is it the one where you cropped out the rest of your family but you can still sorta tell? Or did you friend at work snap it of you over lunch? Or did you *gasp*  do it yourself?!  :) Is that how you really want to professionally represent yourself? Selfies and snapshots are fun but maybe not what's best for you business.  It's important so let's do it right! I can help! Here is one client that chose a Deluxe Headshot Session and went with a mix of formal and casual. She was going to use the more formal one for LinkedIn and her company website and the more casual ones for Facebook and other social media. A great idea to have a shot that makes you feel good about yourself as you profile photo. If you are a small business owner, you need your photo to represent your brand. Here is a Deluxe Headshot Session I did for a Licensed Family & Marriage Therapist. She looks warm, approachable, and professional.  I can help you create a portrait that suits your business brand. 


Or maybe a Basic Session is all you need. Sometimes a straightforward headshot is best!   Whatever your style, I can work with you to create a professional portrait that works best for you! 

A Fresh Look in Headshots | Burnsville Photographer

by: Tera Girardin on

Just finished up this fun fresh headshot session for a friend and I love the different looks she brought with -- really smart of her to do so. She says, "I'm using the close up purple shot for my internal photo at work. Business suit for linked in and other purple for Facebook. My view is that the style should match where it is being used!" Like I said, smart cookie! Inquire about your own session. Just mssg me here or email me directly at tera@teraphotography.com