December Reflections Day 4: Red

by: Tera Girardin on

December Reflections Day 4:  Red

I know I've shared this photo before but I love the story behind it. Since becoming a professional photographer, I've realized I at times need to use my camera just for myself. To shoot not for any other purpose than my own joy. To try things and play and create and learn. I don't do this often enough! This past spring I took myself out to the Arboretum on a little photo safari. I love that place. 

As I wandered and enjoyed the flowers and the people and they sunny day... I came up on an area of all yellow tulips. So sunny!! And delightful. I tried to capture the vast field of yellow (you might be thinking, the topic is RED Tera! Hang in with me.). 

I hung out there, trying out some close ups and other things. I began to walk away. Then a little flick of red caught my eye. In a huge sea of yellow, this one tulip had a patch of yellow. It was so cool and so unique. I was so excited to capture it and go closer. And then I saw...

It was a heart. 

It was delightful and magical and I was the only one who noticed it! There were many people in the area admiring the yellow tulips. No one was seeing the unique little tulip with the red heart. I snapped and snapped.  And I was looking on the back of my camera at what the results were and then I saw this.

A little photobomb by a fellow tulip with a big grin. Lol so funny! 

Isn't that fun?! So that's my story of RED today. Oh and if you like the heart, I have notecards for sale with that photo. They are printed on beautiful paper and make a great gift this season.


by: Tera Girardin on

Now available for purchase! 

"Love Notes"

Set of 8 notecards (4" x 5.5"). Flat premium matte notecards with image on one side and blank on the other, includes white envelopes. Yellow tulip with splash of red in the shape of a heart. Found walking along the MN Landscape Arboretum in a sea of yellow flowers, this one was unique. Delightful surprise!

Only $12 / set  (plus shipping)

Limited quantity. To order, use the button below to checkout. Notecards will be mailed via USPS First Class mail.  Enjoy!

My Rustic Sunflowers on Minted!

by: Tera Girardin on

Happy to announce my work is being sold on Minted! Minted holds monthly design challenges and voters rate the best pieces in a highly competitive process. The winning pieces are produced and sold, and the artists earn cash prizes, a place in the Minted collection, and commissions on all sales. I'm really proud of what I created, so please check it out and share it with friends who might be interested! It's one of my favorite images that I played around with one day. Just taken in my kitchen with a LensBaby lens. Then textures added in Photoshop to achieve the look I wanted. I love it. Oh and if you purchase this print and bring it to your next session I'll sign it for you. Ha! That makes me sound like such a big shot. :) MIN-1CB-GNA-002K_A_APDF Visit Minted to order this print for your wall!