December Reflections Day 18 & 19: Circles & Goodbye

by: Tera Girardin on

December Reflections Day 18 & 19: Circles & Goodbye

I was reflecting on the Circles theme. And was stuck. What photo do I have or could I create to represent circles? What does Circles conjure up for me? 

I was driving along and thinking as I often do. And suddenly I couldn't stop seeing circles! On cars, on signs (hello Target), everywhere! But of course I couldn't take a photo. I was driving! So trust me, when you start thinking of something, you all of sudden can't stop seeing them.

But it also made me think of the cyclical nature of life and "what goes around comes around." Which leads so well into Day 19's theme: I said Goodbye to...

Recently I said goodbye to my trusty old mini van. It was time. And although I love my new car and feel so good in it... I thought about how long I had my van and how much it's been through. I had it 10 years!! We got it when I found out I was pregnant with Alex -- three car seats wouldn't have fit in the car we had so we needed more space. And I loved the mini van -- with its fold down seats and very fancy for the time, built in DVD player which saved us on long drives back to see family when we lived in Arkansas. My kids grew up in that car. We moved from AR back to MN in it. We've slept in it (camping trips). We drove 137,000+ miles in it. It's gotten us safely through snowy winters. It's been chock full of photography gear, groceries, Christmas presents, camping equipment, and various sporting equipment. It's transitioned from strollers to bikes. It's been on many family vacations. It saw me through a divorce and taught me to take care of getting repairs done myself. It brought Alex home from the hospital in it. I taught Drew how to drive in it. It was a car full of love and memories. 

This photo is from our family vacation to Duluth this past summer. When I told Alex I sold the mini van, he said "Awwww. I'm going to miss it."  Me too buddy, me too.