reasons to do a between friends session

1. Transforming before your eyes. The middle school ages (10-15) are such a HUGE time of transformation. Other than when your child was a baby will they change so dramatically and quickly.  You'll be amazed at the growth spurts and the expanding grocery bill. And when you child starts to look more adult than child it will startle you! You'll be so grateful that you document this time in their lives. It's that "coming of age" transformation and it's a beautiful thing.

2. Activities rule their lives.Likely your son or daughter has started to really get into a particular sport or activity. Their interests really start to shine as they spread their wings and test out their identities. These things are so very important to your child! I can incorporate this personality into their session or maybe the group they want to do their session with is related to their favorite activity.

3. Friends rock.Friends become increasingly important to your child during this time. It's how they figure out who they are and where they fit and who they identify with. These friends might be fleeting or life long. Either way, what a treasure to look back on photos together when they are grown.

4. Friends ROCK!Since those friendships are so important to your child, it makes a huge difference when they are photographed together. Your child will relax and have fun and I'm able to really capture their true personalities when they are hamming it up with their friends. You know that forced smile that looks like they are having a root canal they have in all your family pictures? Yeah, that doesn't happen when they are with their friends. So family photos are important but your teen will enjoy a Between Friends session so much more!

5. Self-esteem boost.You might not of thought of this one. But it happens no matter who I photograph. You get yourself looking your best and have a portrait created and you're going to feel like a million bucks. So let your child pick what they want to wear, primp and prep, hang with their friends and let a pro photograph them. They will LOVE the experience and they will walk away feeling like they are on top of the world. Which at this tender age can be an important thing.

Because this is a session for friends, you can split the cost with everyone being photographed. It's only $495 total for up to 6 friends and includes a dozen digital images for each person (same images). With 6 friends it's less than $85 per person! For professional portraits?! That's a deal!

Also consider a session as a fun birthday party experience!

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